Poker Vocabulary and Popular Jargon Every Poker Player should Know about

Poker fans and experts know that mastering the game – the art of playing poker – is just one aspect of it. Another is making sense of all the terms and jargon related to the game of poker. Knowing what these terms are will help you ‘level up,’ so to speak, and it will also help you make better sense of what is going on in the game – and, in the end, what you should do in your own poker strategy.

All in

The term ‘all in’ refers to when a poker player has already run out of his or her chips whilst still calling or betting. In many games that use the stakes on the table, players are not allowed to dig into their pockets to get hold of additional money whilst they are playing a hand. If a player no longer has money on the table, the players can create a ‘side’ pot where the player with no more money has no ‘dibs.’ However, the player still has a chance to win the original pot where he or she still has chips.


A bet that is forced, also referred to as a partial or fractional bet. This type of bet can be placed by a single or several players even before the cards are doled out or dealt.


The main or centre pot

The main or centre pot is basically the first or original pot which is produced during a hand of poker. The centre pot is different to the above-mentioned side pot(s) which is produced if a player’s chips have run out.

Community card(s)

A community card(s) is a card (or several cards) which are placed face up in the poker table’s centre, and these cards are also shared amongst all the players, particularly in such games as Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em poker. They are also referred to as ‘board’ cards.

Short stack

The term ‘short stack’ simply refers to a player who is playing with fewer chips compared to all the other table’s players. If, for example, you have £10 on the table and everyone else has more than £100, then you have a short stack or are playing with one.


The term ‘fast’ in poker is technically referred to as ‘to play the game fast.’ This means that a player is playing their hand quite aggressively and is also raising and betting as much as they can.

The dealer

The dealer, as the word implies, is the person in the game who is dealing or doling out the cards. If a professional dealer (like one from a casino) or an automated one (like one from an online game) is present and available, the player who will be dealing or doling out the cards should be identified since the betting and the blinds will be at the left of the professional or automated dealer. You can do this by making use of a marker, referred to as a ‘dealer’ button. This button goes around the game table clockwise and moves to the other players on the table once the players have finished a hand.

In the game of poker, it pays to know what all these terms mean. Of course, these are just a few of the terms – and once you begin playing regularly, you will surely get to know all the terms and vocabulary you need.

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